Tamiko Lowry Pugh - Founder/Executive Director
Tamiko Lowry-Pugh often referred to as "The Empowering Diva" is a voice for Women's Empowerment. As the CEO of EmpowerME! Life Coaching & Consulting - a personal development & lifestyle enhancement firm for women and the founder of The Still Standing Foundation – a nonprofit organization that that focuses on domestic violence awareness, advocacy, and prevention, she has constructed a powerful movement dedicated to the empowerment and personal development of women across the world. Tamiko is a compassionate mentor and friend, an enthusiastic leader, and visionary.

Matrina Dorsey - Director of Programs and Campaign Awareness
Matrina Dorsey is an enlightened heart motivated to enlightening the hearts of others.  As a Master Coach, Universal thinker, writer, and passionate advocator, Matrina inspires with an empowering approach to living life with purpose, transforming participants from reactive victims to proactive survivors. A domestic violence survivor herself, Matrina advocates with firsthand experience on conquering overwhelming obstacles. Her effort with The Still Standing Foundation focuses on inspiring surviving mothers of domestic violence. She shares intimate details of her experience with domestic violence and her struggle with balancing the parental role. With a breakthrough theoretical approach participants are left feeling informed, inspired and transformed. 

Chere' Turner - Advocacy Awareness/Ambassador 
Actress and Television Host, Chere' Turner is no stranger when it comes to the entertainment industry. The 2016 ATL’s Hottest Nominee is from Toledo, Ohio and comes from an extensive background in Film, Acting, Public Speaking, Radio, and Hosting. Thus far her accomplishments come with training from Emmy Award Winner Greg Alan Williams, Dwayne Boyd at Premier Actors Network and the IMAGE Award Nominee Actor Tasha Smith.
 Chere’ has made it her mission to travel and speak on “PURPOSE” a topic that she holds near and dear to her heart. Working harder than ever to make her next move her best move, Chere’s journey has not been easy, but through Christ she continues to press forward, trusting and believing in everything that God has for her. “Live on Purpose” ~ Chere’ 

Pamela Morgan - Parent/Child  Advocacy 
Pamela Morgan is a wife, mother and an information technology professional who found her purpose after finding the strength to leave an eleven-year abusive relationship.
Pamela owes her survival to God who has protected her throughout the years and to this day calls on her to serve others through her life experiences. She believes her ordeal has a purpose and hopes her story of survivorship will help anyone who may be struggling in an abusive relationship to find the strength to leave. Everyone deserves to be happy and free.
Born and raised in the Philippines until the age of 15, Pamela now resides in the Metro Atlanta area with her husband and their four blended children. She is a proud mother to two Airmen, a son, and a daughter, in the US Air Force. 

Martin A. Bryant - Male Advocacy Coordinator

Martin A. Bryant, originally from Buffalo New York, Now residing in Georgia is Child of God, a Brother to Jesus and a Vessel of the Holy Spirit. He is a proud father and son…writer, poet, spoken word artist, author, and inspirationalist. He has been writing a daily inspiration poem for over 13 yrs. He has books published geared towards overcoming obstacles as well as manhood and fatherhood. He is inspired to write, and He writes and speaks to inspire.

As the Male Advocacy Coordinator for The Still Standing Foundation, Martin's mission is to organize men and boys to end violence against women and girls through innovative social media campaigns, community programs, and advocacy. 

Kimberly Michelle Ford - Victim Advocate

Kimberly Michelle Ford, a Native of Atlanta Georgia, has committed her life to helping women and children heal and recover from abuse and teaching them to maintain a life of freedom as a result of her own personal experience with sexual and domestic abuse.In 2007, Kimberly released her autobiography, “The Core: It’s All Inside.” In her first book, she ministers to men and women alike who have suffered from the effects of sexual abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, and absentee parents. She recognizes that these are issues that far too many of us have had to struggle with. In 2017, she founded the Freedom Soul Foundation to promote Domestic Violence awareness and education on a national level. Under her leadership, the foundation works to erase the negative stigma associated with speaking out by applauding and rewarding survivors who have exhibited the courage to LIVE. Kimberly Ford has dedicated her life to empowering survivors to live a life of continued freedom from abuse. She is committed to saving the lives of women and children who are currently experiencing abuse by making the choice to reach out for support acceptable, attainable, and rewarding.